Cheat’s rainbow cake recipe

Cheat’s rainbow cake recipe


For an impressive dessert that will surprise even your surprise guests, just melt, set and decorate Coles Rainbow Cake with a variety of colourful sweet treats.

The ingredient of Cheat’s rainbow cake recipe

  1. 290g pkt Nestle Bakersu2019 Choice White Choc Melts
  2. Gel food colouring
  3. 100s & 1000s
  4. Sugar pearls
  5. 770g pkt Coles Rainbow Cake
  6. 340g pkt Nestlu00e9 Smarties
  7. Colourful lollies
  8. Rainbow Confetti Sprinkles
  9. Mini choc drops

The instruction how to make Cheat’s rainbow cake recipe

  1. To make the chocolate shards, line large baking trays with baking paper. Melt chocolate following packet directions. Divide into portions. Tint each portion with gel food colouring. Pour onto the lined trays, allowing room for spreading, and use a palette knife to spread until 2mm thick. Top with 100s & 1000s, choc drops, sugar pearls and rainbow confetti. Set aside until set. Break into shards.
  2. Place rainbow cake on a serving platter. Arrange Smarties around the side. Top cake with chocolate shards and lollies.

Nutritions of Cheat’s rainbow cake recipe


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